Since this is kind of a beauty blog, and kind of a migraine/chronic illness blog, you're going to get a little bit of both here!

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Beauty Links

Makeup Alley:  This is a great place to find product reviews.  You do have to register with them, but they won't clog up your inbox.  I do a lot of my research here.

Skinstore:  I love this website because every other month they have a 15-20% off store wide sale, and you can find some pretty obscure products here as well.

Sephora:  The holy land.  Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood or having a migraine and can't concentrate on work I "window shop" and load my cart up with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff I'll never buy. This site is great because you can buy both health and beauty items at the same time with one cart. 

Beautylish: This is for the hard core enthusiast.  You can log in through Facebook and/or Twitter, but I believe they have an option if you don't have one of those or choose not to use it.  There are a lot of professionals on here, good inspiration, and a hopping forum community.
You can also follow me here!  I'm a regular on the forums dolling out all sorts of advice to people.  

Migraine Links

My Migraine Connection:  Best migraine site on the web.  This is an amazing resource of information on all types of migraines, treatments, working with doctors, advocacy, and as a bonus has a great forum.  Another wonderful Migraine site with informative articles and blog posts.

Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy:  This is a group of several organizations who advocate for all headache disorders.  They periodically send out petitions and the like, which is a great way to get involved in the fight for better care.  I highly recommend joining their mailing list, and checking out the Head Notes Blog.

Fly with Hope:  This is my friend Kelly's blog.  She is a Chronic Migraineur and is the most inspirational person I know.

Grace For the Storm:  This is my friend Cyndi's blog.  She is also a constant inspiration to me.  Her blog is about how to live with grace in the face of chronic illness.

Free My Brain:   And this is my friend Megan's blog.  Are you seeing a trend?  Megan offers support group coaching and relaxation classes for migraine sufferers. 

General Sick Links

But You Don't Look Sick:  Go here and read the Spoon Theory.  No chronically ill person should not know the Spoon Theory. This is a great site devoted to all kinds of invisible illnesses.  I especially enjoy their "Sick Humor" articles.

Chronic Babe:  Another great site devoted to living with illness, but living well.

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